We Fund and Foster
Financial Technology Innovators

At DB Capital we fund and foster financial technology innovators

By combining venture capital with committed support from experienced entrepreneurs, our aim is to connect dynamic fintech companies with global opportunities, enabling them to realise their vision and maximise the chance of success.
Our commitment stems from the knowledge the next generation of fintech revolutionaries walks amongst us, and a committed founder with a well-executed idea can play a major role on the global stage.

We are here to nurture these creative thinkers, share the journey, fund the growth, and realise the vision of these fintech renegades on an international stage.

Some of the companies we have invested in

We do so utilising years of experience in the financial technology domain, having embraced the challenge of innovation ourselves and having navigated the road to success. Our team has an intimate understanding of the fintech industry, the knowledge of the challenges presented for start-ups, and the means to successfully negotiate them.
Our work is part of a broader goal to help establish and realise the full potential of a new driving force in Australia’s economy. We believe that fintech will carry Australia into the future and establish the nation’s reputation as a major player amongst innovation nations.

DB Capital has its roots in the real world of fintech innovation, with its own story of start-up success

DB Capital has its roots in the real world of fintech innovation, with its own story of start-up success.

This provides a unique insight into the challenges faced by fintech companies looking to take their product to the global market. While seeking the disruptive thinkers and innovators who will change the future landscape of the financial technology sector, we believe real success requires more than finance.

Our company not only connects the dynamic product creators of tomorrow with capital, but supports new business via resources, networking and mentoring to create a complete creative sphere that fosters a rising generation of heavy-hitting fintech problem solvers and innovators.

DB Capital was founded by David and Daniel Lavecky, who successfully established one of the early innovators in the fintech domain; Pure Commerce. From humble beginnings in 1997, Pure Commerce grew to become a global leader in payment solutions for banks and multinational corporations, and in 2013, was acquired by Euronet.

Their expertise is supported by a team of experienced fintech creators and advisors, drawn together to provide a comprehensive link between fintech start-ups, forward thinkers, financiers and future success.

Focus Areas

DB Capital specialises in the financial technology sector. We recognise this is a unique, evolving industry where the must-have innovation of tomorrow is being conjured from dreams in the home offices, garages and tech-labs of today.

We are here to support these extraordinary entrepreneurs who are poised to ride the wave of innovation, and create the technology of the future. We look to take hands-on approach, assisting and mentoring these visionaries as they take their concept to the world.

When we assess the ventures and people we invest in we seek three key attributes:


We have a 360 degree view of the financial technology sector. Our emphasis is on the full gamut of the industry, extending from production and procurement, to sales and transfer links in the greater chain of commerce.

At the most basic, we seek innovation that applies technology to provide more efficient financial services. Ultimately, we are looking to foster the technology that breaks through and breaks out from the industry as we currently know it.

We are looking for real change and the opportunity to back the disruptive thinkers that will make a difference on the global stage.


The products we look at will solve problems in multiple dimensions with global applicability. The emphasis is not what they can do locally but how they will revolutionise the world of financial technology.

We seek global potential from day 1, and, while we foster and fund innovation from Australia and the Asia-Pacific, our role is one of global innovation.

Seed and Series A funding are our chosen domains, but we seek a proven track record and potential that extends beyond the business plan to global impact.

Founders first

DB Capital was established by founders for founders. That means we are focused on the people behind a concept as much as the idea. We seek disruptive thinkers who are as committed as we are, who believe in what they are doing and are prepared to go the extra mile to take it to the world.

Our experience informs us that taking groundbreaking technology to the global market is akin to running a marathon: It is one part good idea, one part execution and an infinite drive to get a product across the line.

We need to see this drive is inherent in your project – that your belief and commitment will enable you to challenge boundaries, overcome hurdles and push beyond obstacles to see the project succeed. We’ve done it, so we know what it takes.

This entrepreneurial pedigree, combining innovation with boundless enthusiasm and nous is rare, but in exchange for this commitment, we offer founders our energy and zeal, providing them with support, and ensuring the success of a product through funding, mentoring and networking.


We are a highly experienced team of FinTech Entrepreneurs and Investors.
We have deep domain knowledge and passion for technology, finance & blockchain.
David Lavecky
Managing Partner
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Daniel Lavecky
Managing Partner
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